Optimise is an Australian IT company that specialises in the development of advanced software applications and the supply of: HR software; survey software; website development; manufacturing, distribution and accounting software; recruitment software and advanced system development tools. We also provide IT consulting and project management services. Our key products include Cezanne Connect, HRCharter and Survey Manager.

Whether you are looking for improved methods of operating your business, better tools for administering your human resources processes, more effective approaches to analysing survey data, assistance in developing or updating your web site or the latest on what's happening in the IT industry - we can help you.

Optimise offers a wide range of systems and services to the IT industry and to other Australian businesses, including:

  • Leading-edge survey management services and software
  • Web consulting and development services
  • Advanced HR software
  • Business, accounting and manufacturing software systems
  • System development tools
  • Consulting and contract development services