HR Software - Cezanne Connect

Cezanne Connect is an integrated suite of applications for human capital management.
Capabilities include talent management, performance management, recruitment, training & development, 360 assessment and HR administration. Start with the base system then add extra functionality as required - simply select the options that best fit your business needs.

Cezanne Connect is a web-native application. Developed using proven web technologies, it delivers dramatic new efficiencies, helping companies to improve service delivery, streamline processes and engage more effectively with employees and their managers across the business. The core system provides a comprehensive security architecture, powerful search/filter/export capabilities, workflow functionality and a wide range of standard reports. A reporting wizard is available for a quick response to ad hoc reporting requirements. The system also includes an on-screen organisation charting capability.

Administrative or kiosk modes of access are provided, with menu choices and record access based on the user's identity.

The system can also be enhanced or extended to incorporate other related functionality, for example executive compensation and share option administration.

Cezanne Connect Succession & Career

Software for Succession Planning, Leadership Development, Career Planning and Talent Management

Cezanne Connect Succession & Career helps bring together and make sense of the data that's required to support effective decision making. The system provides a consistent, enterprise-wide view of the skills, competencies and ambitions of your employees within the context of the objectives and needs of your organisation - now and into the future.

It is specifically designed to assist your HR planning by supporting a number of critical HR processes, including:

  • Succession and Talent management
  • Career planning
  • Employee and leadership development
  • Competency management

For more comprehensive information, please refer to our Cezanne Connect Succession & Career pdf brochure.

Cezanne Connect PERFORMANCE

Software for Performance Management, Online Appraisals and Competency Management

Cezanne Connect Performance is a uniquely flexible employee appraisal and performance management system that helps streamline and improve your performance planning and review processes.

It replaces fragmented paper or spreadsheet based approaches to performance management by a single, easy-to-use, browser based application that guides employees and their managers through each stage of your performance management process.

Administration is reduced, process efficiency increased and performance data becomes much more visible - helping everyone to focus on achieving performance objectives.

For more comprehensive information, please refer to our Cezanne Connect Performance pdf brochure.

Cezanne Connect Survey

Software for 360 Degree Assessment

Multi-rater assessments are an invaluable tool for talent management, helping to create a more balanced perspective on performance. However, they have traditionally been time consuming and complex to administer.

Cezanne Connect Survey is a comprehensive 360 degree assessment system, which was written by Optimise, to simplify the whole assessment process. Fully integrated with the core HCM applications, Cezanne Connect Survey allows you to easily assess the performance of all or selected groups of your employees, against any set of competencies.

For more comprehensive information, please refer to our Cezanne Connect Survey pdf brochure.

Cezanne Connect PEOPLE

Software for HR Administration, Absence Management and Employee Self-Service

Cezanne Connect People forms the foundation of your HR operations, helping streamline day-to-day personnel administration. The system combines comprehensive HR administration and planning functionality with Internet and workflow technologies to help transform the way you work.

You'll be able to manage and monitor absences, track health and safety incidents, capture disciplinary incidents, build competency profiles for employees and positions (or jobs), search employee profiles, provide Integration with payroll and time & attendance systems.

For more comprehensive information, please refer to our Cezanne Connect People pdf brochure.

Cezanne Connect RECRUITMENT

Software for Recruitment Administration, Applicant Search and Skills Profiling

Cezanne Connect's advanced Internet and workflow technologies help streamline the complete recruitment process from job requisition to final job offers, automating many of the more tedious activities associated with recruitment.

You'll benefit from reduced costs, faster time to hire and a more complete view of every aspect of your recruitment process. Features include - Job requisition, Automatically generated correspondence, Full applicant contact and interview records.

Cezanne Connect TRAINING

Software for Training Administration, Course Scheduling, Needs Analysis and Personal Development Planning

Cezanne Connect Training allows you to more easily identify the training and development needs of your employees - and automates many of the tedious and time consuming tasks associated with training administration.

You'll be able to align development activities with business goals, track activities, manage budgets and ensure optimal use of your resources. Features include Course scheduling, Library of development activities, Full development history.

See Cezanne Connect Pay Review for information about the Cezanne Connect Pay Review module.