Business Software Development & Packages

Packaged frameworks for: Order entry, Manufacturing, Distribution & Financial systems.

The distribution and accounting software provided by Optimise is designed to operate with a number of multi-user operating systems, including Unix and Microsoft Windows LAN's. It has been installed by numerous Australian organisations and has also been adapted for general sale in the United Kingdom.

The fully integrated suite includes all modules that are typically necessary for any medium to large manufacturing enterprise:

  • Sales Order Processing (SOP), covering all aspects of processing of an order, from the original enquiry through to order placement, credit checking, stock allocation, ordering of sub-components, delivery management and invoicing. Returns, or credits, are also managed by the SOP module.
  • Sales Analysis and generation of standard reports.
  • Price control, including discounting and buyer group facilities.
  • Debtors, or Accounts Receivable, including customer master maintenance facilities.
  • Creditors, or Accounts Payable.
  • Purchasing and stock management.
  • Cashbook for managing the bank accounts.
  • General Ledger, including budget preparation facilities. This important module takes its input from the other modules to provide accurate and timely financial reports for the entire organisation.

All modules can be operated against multiple companies (or organisational units), using differing currencies for financial transactions when required. Processing is typically organised into cyclic elements for efficient control and effective financial management (e.g. auditing): transactions are typically collected in batches which are usually summarised into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly cycles.

Please contact us if you would like assistance in analysing your requirements, in choosing the best solution(s) for your needs or in helping you to implement that, or those, solutions.