HR Software - Cezanne Connect Pay Review

Cezanne Connect Pay Review offers a new approach to managing the pay review process. Developed with input from senior reward specialists, Cezanne Connect Pay Review helps to significantly reduce the administrative burden on both reward professionals and reviewing managers - and provides cost and time savings across the business.

Avoid data fragmentation

Cezanne Connect Pay Review replaces the fragmented and time-intensive spreadsheet approach used by many organisations, by a single, easy-to-use web application.

With Cezanne Connect Pay Review, all of the information required to complete the pay review process is held in one place. Reward specialists and reviewing managers access the information they need from their desktops using a standard web browser.

Once the review process has been initiated, reviewing managers simply log on to the system. They'll be able to apply different pay scenarios based on the company's specific business rules and instantly see where budget is over or underspent.

Keep data safe

High levels of security and control ensure that sensitive data is kept safe and that managers only see what they have permission to see.

Streamline & automate processes

Inbuilt workflows help automate the management of the review process. Email reminders and escalation processes can be configured to fit business requirements, helping to ensure that the pay review cycle is completed on time.

Provide complete control

Reward specialists never lose sight of either the data or the process. They’ll be able to identify who’s completed their review cycle, who’s likely to miss a deadline and who’s over or under budget, enabling them to provide proactive support where required.

For more comprehensive information, please refer to our Cezanne Connect Pay Review pdf brochure.