Survey Service Centre - More Information

Optimise operates a Survey Service Centre based on the generalised Survey Manager software that we developed.

Our Survey Service Centre is able to process surveys of virtually any type, for example:

  • Upward feedback, 360 degree and other multiple-rater surveys
  • Employee opinion surveys
  • Specialised HR applications (e.g. performance reviews, skills audits and training needs analysis)
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Quantitative market research

Survey Administration: We take care of all the survey administration activities such as setting up the surveys, sending invitation and reminder emails to respondents, distributing status reports to your management and generating the feedback reports once the survey has been completed.

Responding to surveys: Your employees and/or customers usually answer the surveys online using any web browser, by logging in via the Internet to our Survey Services Centre. Alternative off-line arrangements can be made if required. Each respondent is generally assigned a unique login access, although surveys can be answered anonymously if required (which, for example, some organisations prefer for employee opinion surveys). The connection and/or login details are typically e-mailed to respondents by us on your behalf. The Internet has proven to be a very effective method of distributing surveys to respondents, who could be located anywhere in the world. This is ideal for organisations that have multiple branch offices, possibly in different countries, or when respondents are travelling.

Survey content: The questions and content used in the survey can be supplied by you, by us, or by any third party organisation. The surveys can be branded using your organisation's logos and colours. In any case, we take care of publishing the content onto the Internet for you. If required, your survey can use our branching logic to control the questions presented to different respondents. The questions asked could vary, for example, depending on the Job Title or Organisation Unit of the person being assessed, or as a consequence of the way the respondent answered an earlier question within the survey.

Our Internet based bureau has been used by many major organisations, including:

  • National Australia Bank
  • Queensland Government
  • Canon Australia
  • CitiBank

Please contact us if you would like a copy of our standard kit and guidelines on the steps typically involved in running a survey.