HR Software - Products & Services

Since 1986, Optimise has specialised in the distribution and support of computer systems catering for key HR functions. We have focused on providing leading-edge HR solutions that help companies to better manage their most important asset - their people.

Today, we provide a range of human resources software that covers such areas as:
  • Human Capital Management (Talent Management, administration, 360 surveys, performance...)
  • The Pay Review Process
  • Organisation Charting & Analysis

Designed by HR professionals to solve HR problems, the software is fully installed and supported by Optimise - so your time is dedicated to managing HR, not computers.

Click on the name of any of the following products for further details:

Cezanne Connect - HR Planning and Development: view pdf
Cezanne Connect Pay Review - Cezanne Connect Pay Review: view pdf
HRCharter - Organisation Charting and Analysis: view pdf

Note also that Optimise's specialised Survey Services Centre is a one-stop shop for all your HR surveying needs.

Important decisions are rarely easy. They are even more difficult when the outcomes affect the long term success of your organisation. By putting the relevant information at your fingertips, our products help you put the right people in the right place, at the right time.