HRCharter Enterprise Edition, at the forefront of technology, brings the power of a function-rich organizational charting tool to the corporate intranet. The system will not only provide instant access to organization charts but allows your staff to generate charts online using timely, accurate and up to date information from your HR database. Information is delivered to the desktop with no maintenance, printing or distribution costs.

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Technology continues to shape the way we work. Companies are increasingly making use of Web technology, in particular the intranet, and HR professionals are spending less time on administrative tasks as their roles become more strategically aligned with the goals of the business. An intranet is the simple solution to providing enterprise-wide information on demand, for connecting people to people, and people to information, across the organization. It offers an innovative way to meet the administrative demands of your business, giving your employees access to frequently published, vital information from one data source - with minimal cost, time and effort.

Organization charts are an invaluable way of distributing enterprise-wide information on people and positions to line managers and staff alike, allowing them to better understand the size and shape of the business and to communicate more effectively with one another.

Historically it has been the role of the HR department to maintain and distribute organizational charts. But, how justified are the costs of doing this if there is no guarantee that the information is up to date by the time employees receive it?

Instant Information: In addition to the functionality offered by HRCharter Professional Edition (see Professional edition), HRCharter Enterprise Edition provides the following features:

  • Employees can automatically generate charts using current information from your HR database with a dynamic connection to most data sources.
  • Line managers may be given responsibility for updating department information, which can be made immediately accessible to all employees via the corporate intranet, using standard browsers at your locations.
  • Managers, using color coding, can highlight key information such as vacancies, and performance and skills distribution. They can also explore 'what-if' scenarios by using 'drag and drop' features, for strategic decision making.
  • Individual employees can access as little or as much information as you want them to. HRCharter Enterprise Edition delivers information where, when and how it is required.
  • It includes a Corporate Directory capability with easy-to-use searches.

HRCharter Enterprise also provides an optional "writeback" capability, which assists you in maintaining the data in your HRMS. For example, you can update hierarchy details in HRCharter by 'dragging and dropping' positions. HRCharter will maintain a logfile holding the changes - this file can be applied to your HRMS.

Using the web technology as a part of the technological culture of your business, HRCharter Enterprise Edition delivers information direct to the desktop, which means no local installation costs, no maintenance costs, no printing costs and minimal training.