With HRCharter Professional Edition you can process hierarchy data from your existing HRMS database, or you can load data into HRCharter's database for subsequent chart creation. In either case you can print paper charts or use the optional Web Publishing module to deploy  charts on your intranet. This module generates attractive charts with hyperlinks, indices and profile pages. To view a sample chart click here.

HRCharter is a management tool and a very sophisticated one at that. It has the flexibility, formats and layouts to produce the charts you will be proud to present to management.

Use HRCharter's "what-if" capability to build hypothetical charts for developing corporate strategy and viewing the "big picture" when reviewing mergers, acquisitions, downsizing or expansion.

HRCharter Professional also provides an optional "writeback" capability, which assists you in maintaining the data in your HRMS. For example, you can update hierarchy details in HRCharter by 'dragging and dropping' positions. HRCharter will maintain a logfile holding the changes - this file can be applied to your HRMS.

Charting capabilities provided by HRCharter Professional include:

  • Create charts in any size, style or shape, with headers and footers
  • Include a variety of data, such as succession candidates
  • Automatically download data from your computer corporate database
  • Print charts quickly and accurately
  • Automatically update charts when necessary
  • Build charts based on direct or "dotted line" reporting relationships
  • Code certain data to highlight different conditions or circumstances
  • Add free-form boxes and comments
  • Create book charts with indices and appendices
  • Use any colour or font available through Microsoft Windows
  • Build Publications of numerous book charts with consecutive page numbering and a consolidated index